Friday, April 15, 2011

Baguio Escape -- Strawberry Farm

We just can’t wait for our next stop. We even matched our outfits for our Strawberry Farm visit in the outskirt of Baguio! 

When we arrived there, we have seen lots of tourists also but to our dismay, we were not able to practice strawberry picking since the area was soaked in mud due to the rain from the other day. Since we can hardly penetrate into the farm with ready-to-harvest fruits, we just took courage to take some photos near the garden entrance. As a result, we’ve got no strawberries clinging on its plant in any of our photos.

Good thing that there are lots of strawberry vendors booth nearby so we can still touch the actual thing in its various sizes. Of course, we hurriedly took some clicks and bought some baskets with strawberry just to taste the specie from Baguio City. Yummy!

Posing with the muddy strawberry farm
oopps! We can't proceed
Over here! Over here!
Wanna have some?
Here! Try one.
Strawberry buddies... munching on!
Up to the last bite!
Strawberries & beyond
Hats off to the strawberries of Baguio


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