Friday, April 15, 2011

Baguio Escape -- Mines View

It was almost lunch time but we decided to stop over at one more park known for its beautiful view, overlooking the mountainous part of the city – the Mines View Park.

At the entrance was a booth where a healthy dog awaited us for another photo session for only PhP50 per 3 pix using our own camera.
This dog leaned on me. He's heavy but his smell is cool!
A series of souvenirs stores, added to the colorful surroundings of the park.

Another photo booth for a horseback ride poses with cowboy hats on for only PhP50 per 3 pix using our own camera.
The horse seemed so shy. He must be tired then.

There’s an enchanted wishing well prior to the main tourist attraction in the place. It was said to be the spot for the young male divers who used to catch coins from the tourists and was ones part of the attractions in the park way back many years ago.

At the park’s viewing deck, we have seen the magnificent foggy mountains wrapped with green lushes and colorful houses on top of the mountains. The view was perfect for another photo session. Good thing that the camera that we’re using was fully charged then.
Thinking over something, I forgot to look at the cam
The whole cast in our Baguio-inspired outfits
Bird's eye view pose at the top of the hill
Posing with the need-a-renovation kiosk as the background

Planning to stay in those houses at the background
The what-if candid back pose
The rock-from-behind pose
The peek-a-boo pose
Hard-as-the-rock pose
Top view from the top
Up-up-on-the-stone-stairs pose
Final pose before leaving the park


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