Friday, April 15, 2011

Baguio Escape -- Lourdes Grotto

Our last stop in Baguio was in another prayer place called Lourdes Grotto. It is located on top of a hill so we took more than a hundred steps just to reach its zenith wherein there’s a huge statue of the Virgin Mary.

Our first step towards the grotto
We're on the nth step and counting
More steps. Keep moving!
We stopped counting the steps when we reached the middle part because our attentions were diverted to the beauty of Baguio viewed from that elevated point. The pine trees, the houses on top of the mountains, the people – we could imagine our selves as part of the locals in that lovely city.

How many steps again?
Aahh! So this is Baguio huh?
Let's walk some more!
Before we bade goodbye to the city of pines, we took more pictures. In this way, we preserved our happy memories of our short but fun visit in the ever cold-weathered Baguio City.
Here we are at last! Whew!
Eat, pray, love - our own version!
So this it! This was it...


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