Friday, April 15, 2011

Baguio Escape --- Bell Church

Our second day in Baguio can be considered as Church Visit day since most of the spots that we visited are prayer sanctuaries. For our next stop, our driver brought us through the roads going to Bell Church, a Chinese Temple for the Chinoy community in Baguio.

Though the area is not quite big, it has Chinese temples and prayer rooms. It also has wishing pond. The location is over looking residential areas of Baguio since it’s on top of a hill.

At the entrance of the temple
The temple's gate
Going to the temple's prayer room
The temple's altar
The temple's bridge
Jump for joy!
The wishing pond
The nearby residential area at the mountain top
Before i enter the temple's prayer room
Tadaa! Super twins male version?
The Bell Church landmark
Going down, going out
Before I left, I left a mark - a pose!


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