Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baguio Escape -- The Arrival

Me together with my gang of friends planned for this trip few months ago – took advantage of Cebu Pacific’s air fare sale! This was the first time that we spent adventures together in a place miles away from our hometown. We were as excited as we just can’t wait until our plane landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Manila.
Departing Gensan with Lyka & the gang
“This is it! This is really is it!”, we all exclaimed. Six adventurers, six sets of baggage, five digital cameras, one destination – Baguio City, the City of Pines a.k.a. Summer Capital of the Philippines!

Since we’ve got 5 cameras, we agreed to use one camera at a time until one will get empty bat and/or out of memory. We didn’t help it, as we jumped out of plane at the terminal we took pictures right there & then at the arrival pathway; didn’t notice that it’s prohibited though.

Can't wait for photo session at the arrival pathway

After the initial picture galore, we met our hired van driver. He played the most important role of all, of course! Thanks to a friend who recommended him. We took dinner first then went-off to a 5-hour night travel.

At the parking lot of NAIA
Dinner with our very good driver
T’was long but never boring route, we were so alive and cheerful not just because of the zigzag roads but also because we have a clown slash comedienne gay friend with us. Past 1:00 a.m. and drizzling, we didn’t even notice that we are approaching the initial landmark of Baguio City – the Lion’s Head. So what could be expected from that? Another set of picture galore! We started getting gaga again until we checked in to our apartelle!


  1. hi can u refer me to ur guide.. how much? thanks

  2. hi there! you may email me for more details at looking forward to hear from you.